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Upcoming Webinar: Hot Topics in HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance for Nurse Entrepreneurs

We have some exciting news! We’ve partnered with one of our all-time favorite #techtools, Spruce Health, to bring you a webinar about staying HIPAA-compliant when starting and growing your practice. We know this is a hot topic you think about on a daily basis, and so we wanted to make something to help.

Navigating the laws and regulations that apply to NP-owned practices can be confusing, and sometimes scary. With some laws, like HIPAA, the stakes are especially high. A single violation can result in a $50k fine. 

And with new technology popping up left and right, how do you make sure you and your practice are staying HIPAA compliant? Do you need to sign a BAA? Are texts you send to your patients compliant? What about emails?

Steering clear of HIPAA violations is obviously critical, but doesn’t need to be difficult. A lot of the fear surrounding HIPAA stems from confusion about what is and is not entailed in the law. We’ll break down some of those barriers with a webinar tailored specifically to NPs starting their own practices. 

About the webinar

Format: 45 minutes, including Q+A time

When: Tuesday, 4/9 at 1pm CST

Key topics include:

  • What policies and procedures does my practice need to be compliant with HIPAA?
  • How can I make HIPAA compliance easier for me as a practice owner?
  • I’m private-pay only; does HIPAA apply to me?
  • What is a business associate agreement (BAA), and do I need one?
  • Which videoconferencing platforms HIPAA-compliant?
  • How can medical software platforms help with HIPAA compliance?
  • What is cyber liability insurance, and do I need it?


Spruce is a modern, all-in-one HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform. Practices use Spruce to combine all their patient communication in one place (i.e. secure texting, phone system, telehealth, payment and much more!), take their practice on-the-go, improve their efficiency, and delight their patients. Find out more here!


Dr. David Craig, M.D., Medical Director of Spruce Health

Dr. Craig is an emergency medicine physician and Medical Director for Spruce Health. Spruce powers the telemedicine and communications for thousands of practices, and Dr. Craig is an expert in the regulatory and compliance issues faced by modern healthcare organizations. Most recently, Dr. Craig led Spruce through successful SOC 2 auditing and HITRUST certification.

Veronica Pike, FNP, Co-Founder AANE; CEO and Co-Founder, Med2You

Veronica co-founded the American Academy of Nurse Entrepreneurs (AANE) and designed its educational programs, resources, and community support network. Her first book, titled “Nurse Owner: How To Start and Build an NP Practice” (Lioncrest Publishing) is set to be released October 2019. Veronica is also Co-founder and CEO of Med2You, a healthcare company that provides primary and psychiatric care to underserved populations throughout Texas with a completely remote care team led by nurse practitioners.

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