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Time Saving Tech Tools for Nurse Owners

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Easy Tech Tools for Scaling Your Practice
without Burning Out!

We've covered all the bases.
Learn our favorite (free & low-cost) tools to help you with:

Productivity – Accounting – Merchant Services – Payroll/Benefits/HR – Operations – E-Commerce – Clinical – Sales & Marketing – and Life Balance!


A 21-page resource of Free and Low-Cost Software and Technology

No need to spend hours searching online for what you need. All of our recommendations are Nurse-Owner tested!

Options for Practices of All Sizes!
An easy way to check off your progress and track your accomplishments!
The AANE Stress Reduction Prescription

Choose your own adventure! He help you prioritize which tech to grab first, depending on which stage you are in your business.

Your Go-To Resource as Your Practice Grows

When I started my practice, all I had was a laptop, a cell phone, a few basic medical supplies, and only $2,000. To top it off, I was still working a full-time job and was pregnant with my first child! There may never be a perfect time to start a business, but I’m pretty sure I chose an extra challenging time to take the plunge.

When I started my practice, I had to figure out everything on my own – every step of the way. It took time, effort, and heartache. I had no roadmap. 

I, like many APNs, had to build the path for myself, by myself.

And you shouldn’t have to!

I’m proud of the many resources – including free one’s like this – that we have created for Nurse Owners.

Inside you will find our tech tool recommendations that will not only help you grow your practice, but can also help you free up more of your time for better work/life balance, too!

Here’s to nurses helping nurses in business and in life!


Veronica Pike
American Academy of Nurse Entrepreneurs

Scaling a Practice Means Having the Right Systems

Take the Guesswork out of Finding the Tools You Need

Get the Time Saving Tech Tools for Nurse Owners