American Academy of Nurse Entrepreneurs

We help advanced practice nurses start and grow their own practices

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We help advanced practice nurses start and grow their own practices


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 Interested In Starting A Practice? Or Already Own One?

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"Should I start my own business?"

Starting a business is exciting and scary at times. AANE offers many resources - courses, coaching, workshops, etc - to help you start your business the right way. You can find freedom, flexibility, and make more money by starting your own practice!

"Where can I connect with mentors who can help me grow my practice?"

You’re in the right place! One of the reasons we started AANE was to connect experienced and successful practice owners with those who are growing their own practice. AANE is a wonderful community of nurse owners who want to help each other be successful.

"I'm concerned about state laws and regulations. Where can I find resources to make sure I don't break any laws?"

AANE compiles up-to-date and easy-to-understand summaries of the laws and regulations that apply to APN-owned practices in your state. Plus you have access to our in-house general counsel for guidance.

"How do I find funding for my business?"

There are many different ways to fund your practice. AANE can walk you through each option to find the right fit for you!


The AANE was started by an APN. She experienced the struggles and frustrations of starting and growing a practice without any guidance or resources. She created AANE to be THE place nurses could find everything they need for building successful businesses. 

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We help advanced practice nurses start and grow their own practices with resources, classes, community, and mentorship.

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What We Do

We do it to help communities.
Roughly one-third of American live in medically underserved communities (MUA) – meaning many communities are struggling to find quality healthcare options. Nurse-owned practices are the solution for providing high quality, affordable healthcare across the country.

We do it to help nurses.
We help nurses gain the freedom and flexibility to decide when, where and how they care for their patients.

We do it to help families.
We help nurses design their lives so they can spend more time with family while still achieving their professional goals.

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Are Nurses Keeping Each Other Quiet?

One of my favorite parts about the American Academy of Nurse Entrepreneurs is how I get to bring in fantastic guest experts for our monthly masterclasses for our membership. And our last masterclass was certainly no exception! For this month, I had the pleasure of inviting Tamsen Webster to share her marketing and messaging know-how.

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Interested in Starting a Practice?

Download our free tech tool guide.